Celtic League: French Court Goes Kafka…

Cartoon Kafka

(We're pretty sure The Huffington Post ripped this off from Art Spiegelman)

… because we’re all Good Europeans, now. From The Celtic League – Extradition Case Concerns:

The Celtic League has received reports that a French appeal court has agreed to
the extradition of a French woman to Spain for her activity in a political party
that is illegal in Spain, but not in France

The decision to extradite the French woman has been condemned by La ligue
Bretonne des Droits de l’Homme (Breton League of Human Rights). The
organisation says that the decision by the Pau (France) court is made even
worse, because the extradition order comes from a special court in Spain that
has been previously criticised by the Pau court for ignoring accusations of
torture and have even refused to grant prior extraditions. The woman, who the
extradition order has been placed against, is a member of the Batasuna political
party, which is registered in the French state. However the Batasuna political
party, which is registered in the Spanish state, was banned in 2003 and its
leader is still in jail.

The general secretary (GS) of the League has written to the French embassy in
London to express his concern about the decision. The full text of the letter
from the GS can be found [here].

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