Thoreau Report: How Many Laws Come From Brussels?

Just under 78% of the new legislation introduced during 2008 was of EU origin.”

lady yes

How's that warm, fuzzy feeling working out for you?

Which makes us wonder: if the Irish Dáil has essentially been reduced to a glorified national County Council, then –

  1. Why are we paying them so much? Are we getting value for money? What is it that these people do for a living, exactly? Aside from Collusive Delegation – or is that their main purpose?
  2. How has that super-duper EU central-government regulation been working out for us lately? Did it prevent the Crisis? Here or anywhere else? Does it really make sense to blame what has happened exclusively on our national government, any more than blaming the local county council for the national economy? Why do so many Irish people think that these people are smarter or more virtuous than our own political class, when the EU has not had an audit passed in 16 years?!
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