Paul Krugman: Cén Sort Cach Tarabh é seo?

ibec 2 yes

Another obvious example of business acumen

Via, Paul Krugman writes at the New York Times blog – The Irish Non-Bailout:

So, a credit line at 5.8 percent interest. Considering that Ireland was able to borrow at that rate as recently as mid-September, and was falling off a cliff then, why is this supposed to solve the problem?

What’s the Gaelic for “You’ve gotta be kidding”?

From his comments section, the suggestions so far:

  • Cén Sort Cach Tarabh é seo?
  • An bhuil to dariara!?
  • Ag magadh atá tú?
  • An bhfuil tú ag magadh fúinn?
  • An bhfuil tu as do mheabhair?
  • An bhfuil tu fós ar meisce??
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