UNITE union – Reject: IMF/EU blighted budget, policy of “Generational Cleansing” by Emigration

Jimmy Kelly of UNITE, has sent a letter to opposition parties, calling on them to reject what he calls a “budget that would condemn Ireland to a blighted future of chronic unemployment”:

UNITE’s 60,000 members in the Republic of Ireland will then have a chance to make up their mind over who to support in the general election which we believe should be held immediately.

Regarding further action and civil disobedience:

We have begun planning for a campaign of civil disobedience and industrial action that will make clear the level of anger and fortitude that exists among the people who political leaders have failed utterly.

Regarding emigration:

This is an economic policy of forced emigration that could be considered as generation cleansing. A government which uses emigration as a cornerstone of its economic policy is one which is little short of committing treason by sacrificing children’s futures and betraying the nation

As Mr. Kelly said previously:

FF: YES youth

"Let me hear it: Do you want to build character?!"

That a member of the ruling parties, Mary White, can look on emigration as ‘character building’ betrays their fervent hope that the traditional pressure valve of young people leaving our shores is the only way out of the mess we have been brought into.

IBEC: lisbon yes for jobs

Soon there will be no one left to ask: what ever happened to those Lisbon Jobs, Broz?

The insulated, Comfortable-Class of thick-and-rich Yorkie Bar capitalists and assorted IBEC shiny-happy-people, do seem very keen – and vocal – to cleanse Ireland of undesirable elements (e.g. young, dynamic people with ideas); by telling people with get-up-and-go to, basically… get up and go: Leave Ireland now, says multi-millionaire businessman Denis Brosnan… and take all your dangerous ideas; your power to vote, to protest, to demonstrate, to strike and to be generally disobedient, with you.

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