The Yes Men

To all those who voted “Yes” to the Lisbon Treaty: How is that “Jobs, Investment, and Recovery” working out for you? Feeling better, altogether?

Answers on a polling card, please, to the following…


yes, yes! YES! Ohhhh YESSSS!!

finegael yes

ff yes

We're stronger now, and yet, in a more accurate sense, needier

fg yes jobs

labour yes

It is, literally, so important that we're not telling you what it is

greens yes

Every day, in every way, it's getting better, and better, and better...

ibec 2 yes

There are some things even Mick O'Leary won't join

Cork yes

Well, men in suits have never let us down before

lisbon can save our jobs

... if we emigrate there?


It washes! It dries! It polishes your floor!

lady yes

Hey, good for you lady. How are the kids doing in Australia?

bubble yes

It's not a bubble! DON'T TALK IT DOWN!

lenihan yes

Heyyyyyy... I know that guy...

pink diamond yes

Maybe this is not a good time to ask, but could we have another vote on this?

One down... six to go...

One Euro down... six to go... it's ok, we have 4 years

simple yes

Because without the Continent there, we'd just be sort of stuck right in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, and then where would we be? OH MY GOD! WE'RE AN ISLAND!

banner yes

In hock to Goldman Sachs and the IMF?

students yes

Yayyyy! We're unemployed and can't afford college! Wait, what?

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3 Responses to The Yes Men

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