Technical Engineering & Electrical Union: civil disobedience campaign

From the TEEU website via Brian Whelan / Yahoo Ireland:

Go for it!

Go for it!

20th November – TEEU delegates vote overwhelmingly for emergency motion to support ICTU march on November 27th and civil disobedience campaign if Government does not call election…

‘This conference condemns the Government for its criminal negligence in the management of the economy and for colluding with the banks in misleading the Irish people as to the seriousness of the crisis we face. This policy of economic sabotage has led to the betrayal of our country and to the loss of the last shreds of our economic sovereignty. We now call on the Government to resign, hold a general election and face the verdict of the electorate.

‘The Government’s actions since the adoption of the bank guarantee in September 2008 have forfeited the confidence of the Irish people. It no longer has the mandate, obtained under false pretences in 2007, to pursue reckless policies that have pandered to bankers and developers. We call on everyone who believes fundamental changes are needed in our society to support the Irish Congress of Trade Unions march for a better, fairer way on November 27th.

‘If the Government persists in clinging to power we call on the ICTU and other civil society organisations to launch a campaign of civil disobedience to force an election on a regime that has no principles and no objective beyond staying in office for as long as possible, even at the price of destroying what is left of our economy and our society. In this way citizens can demonstrate forcefully that we are no longer prepared to be misinformed, misled and misgoverned by a cabal that has betrayed every principle of on which the Irish Republic was founded.

‘We further put the Government, and future governments, on notice that the TEEU will continue to defend the rights of ordinary working people and oppose any attempts to make them pay for the profligacy of the rich.’

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