Irish Independent: Greencore’s Enablers Shafted Irish Agriculture

Bobba Fett: IFA's mercenary instincts do no favours to Irish Farmers

Mercenaries do no favours to Irish Farmers

From John Shirley at The Irish Independent:

In the midst of our worst financial crisis and with the IMF in town, we got only spin and codology from cabinet ministers Ahern and Dempsey. Alongside this came the revelation from the EU Court of Auditors that Ireland’s sugar beet industry had been lost because we acted on flawed assumptions…

I would liken the Greencore performance in Irish sugar processing to a son taking over a farm that had been in the family for generations only to blow the enterprise through a series of bad decisions and poor management. Similarly, Greencore lost any commitment of its inheritance; it lost the feel for its industry. Ireland and Irish farmers have been deprived of an industry of fundamental importance…

The general belief was that Carlow was closed primarily to release the value of the large urban site for development.Others believe that Carlow was also closed to drive a wedge between the growers of Mallow and Carlow. This in turn would soften up the growers into taking the imminent EU compensation.

If this was Greencore policy, it worked…What are now seen as flawed assumptions prevailed. At the top, the IFA leaned towards accepting compensation once Carlow was closed…

Since the Irish sugar exit, the world sugar situation has been transformed. In the past year the world sugar price has soared and the EU is likely to run short of sugar over the coming years.

The IFA may be tactically brilliant, but it’s strategy of “Cash in the Fist” has been a disaster for Irish farmers over the years; and here again we see the “Debt-Star” of phantom financial property values destroy actual wealth-producing industry.

But where were the opposition leaders who challenged the sabotage of the Irish Sugar industry? Fair dues to Aengus Ó Snodaigh – more of this, please.

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